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401(k) plans: designed for any size business

Easy – online and paper-free; Affordable – for one or more; Smart –All index-based funds

Participant Fees Comparison

chart: ShareBuilder 401k vs. Typical industry pricing. Sharebuilder 401k Pricing: 0.92%. Typical Industry Pricing: 2.25%. Average Fund & Asset Management Fees

ShareBuilder 401k can save you and your employees thousands of dollars over time through our low participation fees.

    A 401(k) plan is good for you and good for your company:

  • Contribution limits that are three times greater than an IRA
  • Choose to lower taxes this year or in the future with the Roth 401(k)
  • Up to $1,500 tax credits for your business plus deductions for any matching
  • Access to funds in case of an emergency without penalty
  • A great benefit to attract and retain employees

    ShareBuilder 401k offers big benefits at a small price, with plans for any size business, any size need:

  • Easy: Simple setup and enrollment
  • Affordable: Full features for 41% less than traditional providers**
  • Smart: An index-based investing approach

    ShareBuilder 401k plans are designed for any size business whether you're self-employed, have a business of 10 employees, or even over 500. We specialize in helping small businesses get started with a plan that fits their specific business goals:

    Simplified 401k: For business owners looking to maximize their own contributions while automatically satisfying IRS tests.

    Customized 401k: The employer that prefers to build it their own way, from vesting schedules to choosing if and how to offer a match.

    Individual 401k: For owner-only businesses including spouses looking to save more than $5,500 a year.

    Tiered Profit Sharing 401k: Businesses looking to reward employees differently by unique group, tenure, or age.

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